African Survivors
Big cats worldwide are under threat—for many populations, local extinctions are imminent. Recent report on global cheetah decline provides alarming reading. Using the best available information, we estimate that there are only about 7,100 wild cheetah left in the world. The species is now restricted to less than 10% of its historical distribution, and survives in just 33 populations, most of which number fewer than 100 individuals. The Serengeti population of cheetahs is one of the big cat's last strongholds. Together the Serengeti, Mara and Tsavo parks in Kenya and Tanzania contain a estimated population of 710. So it’s one of the best place on earth to photography and film cheetahs in the wild.
Getting to know great individual characters like this cheetah family we followed for weeks inspires us to speak out on behalf of wildlife, to be their voice. Through our films and my photography, we can keep attention on the problems and causes. Wildlife and wild places are our greatest natural treasures – priceless and irreplaceable. The project was part of our upcoming documentary « The African Survivors » which will focus on the relationship between the animals and their environment.

Chris Schmid

Chris Schmid

"Imagery is powerful, a single shot can capture an emotion or trigger a feeling within.”

Award-winning photographer Chris Schmid is constantly researching how to capture unique still and motion images using the latest technologies. His diverse and exciting photographs focus on wildlife, travel and outdoor sports.

Whether he’s waiting for hours in the hopes of capturing a unique action shot in the African savana, or flying over the earth with his drone, his aspiration always remains the same; to photograph in the midst of the elements, conveying the excitement of his subjects moving through the natural environment.