This Land

Joe Cornish is widely acknowledged as Britain’s finest landscape photographer. In this new collection he explores fifty of the most amazing landscapes in Britain.

Taking its cue from these Isles' extraordinarily diverse geology,This Land ranges from the ancient quartzite rocks of the Scottish Highlands to the gritstones and limestones of the English Pennines and the rolling chalk downs of Southern England.

There are sections on Mountains, Islands, Forests and Coasts, and the book concludes with a fascinating look at the ways in which British people have shaped the landscape over thousands of years.

Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish

"Photography is simply the greatest job in the world. It expands and deepens how we see the world. What else can do that?"

Although adventurous and experimental in matters of technique, Joe Cornish is a traditionalist and an advocate when it comes to his subject matter. Fascinated by the inter-relationships of everything in nature, his landscape images suggest a living force in everything he sees - be it organic, geological, elemental or man-made.

While his local area of North Yorkshire remains a source of inspiration, Joe has traveled widely in recent years, to Antarctica, the Arctic, the United States, and Iceland, as well as numerous visits to Scotland and Wales. Adopting the Sony α7R has allowed him to emulate a view camera technique using tilting adapters and legacy lenses, in a lighter and more maneuverable form. This has made mountain climbing and long hikes far more manageable while retaining the image quality and control advantages of large format.

Using such a small camera has been both a revelation in image quality and a revolution in working method. His gallery in North Yorkshire now includes a number of prints shot with the Sony α7R.