• Sony Global Imaging Ambassadors launches #FutureofCities


    When seventy-five percent of our global population is projected to be living in cities by the middle of the century, what is the future of our cities? For the next nine months, Sony Global Imaging Ambassadors will be exploring cities around the world and the creative and innovative initiatives people are taking to improve the crowded places they call home.

  • Andrew Scriven in the Arctic


    Andrew Scriven set out to Svalbard this past summer for a three week adventure. Armed with a passport, a tent, and the hope to meet kind people along his journey, he headed out an uncharted adventure to capture the island's icy, mountainous landscapes and diverse wildlife.

  • Zackary Canepari's Tudo Bom?! Film


    Zackary Canepari brought us hundreds of images this summer from Brazil while the country hosted the World Cup, A Copa do Mundo. His series “Tudo Bom?!” documented Brazil and he was not disappointed by what he found.

  • Chris Schmid in Iceland


    If you’re looking for an expansive and diverse selection of photographs, look no further than the work of Swiss photographer Chris Schmid. From peaceful still lifes to photographs that look like the action may jump off the screen, Chris has a talent for using the latest technology to photograph wildlife, travel, and outdoor sports.

  • Chris Burkard's Arctic Swell Film


    Check out the latest from Chris Burkard in his Arctic Swell film. Chris - who is known for his work in adventure photography and world travels - ventured to see the harsh remote environment of the arctic with his own eyes and to capture it all on camera.

  • Sanjit Das & Suzanne Lee in the Himalayas


    Join Panos Pictures photographers Sanjit Das and Suzanne Lee on their journey through the Himalayas in their film about their trip. The sights, sounds and viewpoints will make it seem as if you are on the motorcycle with them, swimming through the water at their side, and sloshing through the mud.

  • William Klein's Brooklyn now published by Contrasto


    Italian publisher Contrasto releases 116 page photobook of Klein's Brooklyn series.

  • Tudo Bom?! - Zackary Canepari launches 4-week Brazil Road Trip


    Panos Pictures photographer Zackary Canepari ventures on a 4-week road trip across Brazil.

  • 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Open for Entries


    The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards, organised by the World Photography Organisation, are now open for entries.

  • Espen Rasmussen's 'Hard Land'


    Click here for the trailer to Espen Rasmussen's 'Hard Land'