• Brian Smith on the greatest moments of his life and career


    Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Smith could easily be called the luckiest guy on the planet. He’s told Bill Gates exactly what to do for an entire hour, appeared on The X Factor, and experienced many other remarkable things. We spoke with Brian to find out how he does it all.

  • George Georgiou on seeing through preconceived notions of place


    A longtime Sony photographer, George Georgiou explores Europe, Asia, and other places around the world to lose the burden of the images already seen and present these places through a new lens. We spoke with George to learn how he approaches photography and how he comes to understand a country and its people.

  • Sanjit Das on the intimate connection in photography


    Panos Pictures photographer Sanjit Das travels through the transforming economic and political landscapes of developing countries in his work. His first project for us chronicled the individuals living in the community around the Brahmaputra River in Asia. We spoke with him to find out what inspires him in choosing the subject of his photography and how he captures the rhythm of life around him.

  • Introducing: Zackary Canepari


    We talked to the Panos Pictures photographer about girlfriends, anarchist squatters and dream photo assignments as he joins the Sony Global Imaging Ambassadors program.