Pushing boundaries

When people ask me for a single tip to give them regarding landscape or cityscape photography I always say the same: “Always seek for that something extra in your images. Don’t just capture a rainbow, thunderstorm or an intense aurora just to get it on camera. Look for that little bit of extra that turns your image from good to great. I’d rather fail to capture an epic moment by searching that extra part, than only capture it half-way and having to keep looking at it thinking I could have done better.’

People often call me a perfectionist. I can get annoyed over small things and always find things lacking in my own images. The fact that I am never completely satisfied with my images push me for more. I also always have goals in mind that are almost impossible to reach, but they keep me going.

This is something I want to inspire people to do. Push yourself and always aim for that extra bit in your photo. When you finally get what you’re looking for, the satisfaction makes it all worth it.

Albert Dros


"I am obsessed with getting the perfect shot"

Albert’s work can be described as vibrant, colourful and sometimes even with a bit of a fairytale style. People often say his landscapes remind them of Lord of the Rings while his cityscapes are crystal clear and sharp. He believes that different genres require different approaches. 

His work purely represents his own vision and standards. That means he often does not work for a client directly. As a perfectionist he always tries to capture a certain moment or scene in the best possible way spending great amounts of dedication and time to get the shot he wants. He calls himself a ‘modern’ photographer meaning he completely loves new technology and always tries to keep up with innovations. That’s where he says Sony is a complete fit to his personality.

He has been featured on many big media outlets like Time, National Geographic and the Huffington Post.

His projects range from pure landscape work to artistic abstract approaches in which he is trying different things with photography. He always finds it important to have no boundaries in expressing an artistic vision.