Unexpected loneliness

This work is a personal reflection on loneliness and emptiness I felt walking down the streets of my city, Milan, after a long absence. This is about the marginality of the people who characterize our modern society and our cities: places where speed and the utilitarian concept of time compel us to erect walls, visible or not, between people.

Alessandro Grassani


“This is my personal aspiration: to leave my own testimony in the constant search of that perfect combination between beauty and truth we call art.”

Grassani’s work focuses mainly on long terms documentary projects in which he explores the consequences of climate change, war, and their aftermath on society.

He has been working in Iran, Israel and the Palestinian Territories but in 2011 he began a new long-term project called, “Environmental migrants: the last illusion” documenting around the world the life of the people forced to migrate because of climate changes and with no alternative to the illusion of a better life in the city.