Metropolitan solitude

For several years I have focused my photographic research on the investigation and narration of daily city life and man that moves in it; through a series of shots that have in common only the use of light, I try to stage the existence by creating an ideal theatrical drape that uses net light contrasts.

To do this I do nothing other than observe people that move in spaces, so absorbed in their own lives that they don’t even acknowledge my presence or the protagonist role they take, even for a moment in my eyes. I tell the story of my time through anonymous faces, silhouettes or urban architecture to describe the metropolitan solitude and the places in which it is represented each day.

Amedeo Novelli


"I chose a mirrorless system because it allows me to be both more discreet, and more responsive in grasping the emotions that I want to tell with my photography"

"Ultimately my photographic research always focuses on man. If I were forced to give a definition I would most likely use the term social, although in a very wide sense of the term. Everything about man interests me, from his emotions to his relationship with the environment.”

Amedeo is the founder and director of Witness Journal; an editorial project launched in 2007 that promotes photojournalism and general photography through a series of editorial initiatives and social training.

His photographic career is divided among personal research projects, editorial projects and corporate type activities for some of the most important international brands. In 2015 he was chosen to carry out the official portraits of Expo 2015 in the EXPO People project.