The Kingdom of Virunga

Mountain Gorillas are listed as critically endangered by the IUCN. They are not usually hunted for bushmeat, but they are frequently maimed or killed by traps and snares intended for other animals. In the past, mountain Gorillas have been killed for their heads, hands, and feet, which are sold to collectors. Infants were sold to zoos, researchers, and people who wanted them as pets. Conservation efforts have led to an increase in overall population of the Mountain Gorilla in the Virungas and at Bwindi. The overall population is now believed to be at least 880 individuals. I've been working closely with the Uganda Wildlife Authority during this project. Together we were able to follow a Gorilla family in the Mount Gahinga, after a three hour walk in the Virunga forest. We tried to limit the contact with the Gorillas to no more than 1 to 2 hours each day.
I’m now working closely with WIldAid, an environmental organization focusing on reducing the demand for wildlife products, and the Uganda Wildlife Authority to launch a massive campaign in Uganda about preserving the environment and to get public support for conservation and educate them about wildlife issues. Because if we want to preserve the mountain Gorillas we must first preserve the environment.

Chris Schmid

Chris Schmid

"Imagery is powerful, a single shot can capture an emotion or trigger a feeling within.”

Award-winning photographer Chris Schmid is constantly researching how to capture unique still and motion images using the latest technologies. His diverse and exciting photographs focus on wildlife, travel and outdoor sports.

Whether he’s waiting for hours in the hopes of capturing a unique action shot in the African savana, or flying over the earth with his drone, his aspiration always remains the same; to photograph in the midst of the elements, conveying the excitement of his subjects moving through the natural environment.