Christophe Brachet 

Christophe Brachet is a French photographer based in Paris. His work is strong, clean and dramatic, and has been published in many high-profile publications including Vogue, Premiere, Le Monde and Le Film Français.

Christophe joins the Imaging Ambassadors programme as a representative for Sony France. His introductory gallery features a selection of his eclectic black and white photography, spanning various different subjects and genres but unified by Christophe’s unique aesthetic sensibility.

Stay tuned for more updates from this classic, stylish photographer.

Christophe Brachet

Christophe Brachet

“What I like about my α7S is that it’s small and inconspicuous, allowing me to capture natural moments.”

When asked to describe his work, Christophe Brachet replies:

“jubilation, softness, melancholy, shouts of laughter, doubts and fleeting glimpses of humour”

This is surely a lofty description, but perhaps an apt one for a photographer whose body of work is eclectic and difficult to categorise.

Working as a photographer for over 10 years, Christophe’s portfolio spans multiple photographic genres, including portraiture, reportage, nature and social documentary. His imagery is diverse, but unified by a strong, clean and minimal aesthetic sensibility.

Christophe is currently working on a long-term black and white project, documenting actors behind the scenes. He has also recently worked on two personal projects dealing with social issues, one, looking at a breast cancer patient and her recovery, and another documenting the homeless population of Paris. In 2012, Christophe released his first short film entitled Partir, and showed it at international film festivals including Cannes.

Christophe joins the Imaging Ambassadors programme as a representative for Sony France.