Child's play

"Time flies. Melancholia and nostalgia sets in.  You are alone in a big castle and all you want is to find the best place to hide, to become a thoughtless child again.  Anything to not be alone with the thoughts of now, the thoughts of an adult."

Although Delphine Millet strives to connect with the present, her work is suspended in fantasy, eternally seeking to escape or blurr the lines beteen reality and fiction. Her fiction today as an adult, are her realities from childhood, whilst each photograph captures authentic fragments from both worlds.

Delphine Millet

Delphine Millet

“Photography is my way of sharing my imagination with others to allow them to invent their own stories.”

Delphine Millet tells stories.  She creates worlds between fiction and reality where her characters evolve and where she herself is the protaganist of each resulting photograph.  She inserts herself into the landscapes around her.  Each image reflects her humor and some magic touches, which produces her playful and Alice in Wonderland style of work.  To her, every idea is a good one as long as it is crazy or fun and draws on the imaginations of the viewer.

Currently she is working on a series inspired by her daydreams and fairytales.