RED - Portraits of Redheads from around the world.

Only one or two percent of the world population is estimated to be naturally redheaded; motivation enough for Helmut to capture these very photographically interesting and extremely unique-looking people in the framework of his years-long project "Red", providing him with interesting insights into their lives as  redheads. His passion to do this stems from the fact that his wife and his daughter are redheaded. The resulting works "Eyes On" were included in the November program of the month of "Vienna Photography“  - "eyes on" - and can be viewed in Vienna within the framework of a current public exhibition.

Helmut Mitter

Helmut Mitter

"Photography to me is beautiful, natural and thrilling. I love it."

Helmut Mitter first entered the world of photography in the 1980s and has yet to look back. Specializing in Architecture, Food, Reportage and People photography, Helmut joins Sony Global Imaging Ambassadors as a Country Ambassador for Austria and Switzerland.