Escaping To Norway's Lofoten Islands

When Jaakko visited the Lofoten Islands of northern Norway before this trip, the northern hemisphere had been shrouded under winter's dreary cloak of rain and snow. Returning in the summer of 2015 he didn't have any expectations about the level of mountain bike riding available, but he knew that the area would be quite beautiful. He and fellow mountain biker, Juho Pusa, found that the mountain bike trails and views did not disappoint.

Jaakko Posti

Jaakko Posti

“Simply the greatest thing that have come out of a photography for me is all the places and moments I have got to experience with great people that I wouldn't have met without photography”

Through photographing the beautiful and challenging surroundings of northern Scandinavia, Jaakko's main goal is to capture the feeling and the sense of emotion that he and his friend experinece while doing what they love. Jaakko's style of photography mixes elements from travel, sport, documentary, nature and landscape photography to create his wide-reaching portfolio.