L'ile aux libellules

"I went searching for this mysterious island and found it in Japan," explains Mauve. "These pictures come from the Island of Dragonflies (Akitsu Shima), the name of which echoes nature's powerful place in the Japanese imagination. On this island, humans seem to have suddenly disappeared. What remains are some sorts of ruins, lost in the middle of abundant nature which seems to retake its rights. We don't know if these sites have been definitely abandoned or just isolated from the rest of humanity."

Julien Mauve

Julien Mauve

“I’m trying to picture the world, not as it is but as I would like to see it."

Julien Mauve is a photographer based in Paris. He creates ambiguous and enigmatic photography series dealing with interpersonal interactions and the human condition.

His cinematic images seem both timeless and placeless, concentrating more on evoking an emotional reaction than following any distinct linear narrative.

Julien has exhibited his work across Europe and has received numerous prizes and accolades, including a special mention from the prestigious SFR Jeunes Talents in France which enabled him to exhibit his work at the Grand Palais in Paris during Paris Photo 2013. He has also won awards from MAP Toulouse (2013 & 2014) and exhibited his work at the photography festival.