Mark Galer


"The camera has been my greatest teacher. It has helped me explore and understand the world and my own personal journey through life. I take great pride in communicating clearly, mastering my craft and the tools of my trade."

Mark has a distinguished photographic career and has ridden the wave of the digital imaging revolution since its inception. He has always aligned himself with ground breaking ‘state-of-the art’ imaging technologies to explore new photographic possibilities. They say we date our cameras, but marry our lenses – Mark had dated many cameras in his long career, including the original Kodak DCS in 1991 (the first DSLR), the first Alpha A100 and the Sony A7RII and A6500 cameras that he currently uses for most of his commercial, editorial work. He assures us, however, that he will now be forever wedded to the love of his life - his Sony Zeiss, G and GM glass. Mark is a passionate global adventurer, storyteller and experienced photographic educator (with 30 Internationally published books). He is currently based in Melbourne Australia, when he is not on assignment shooting, or passing on his wealth of experience to fellow photographers.