Somewhere in Iceland

After 35 years of tackling light and our country’s landforms, one might imagine I have seen everything; that few things surprise me anymore. Far from it. Especially memorable is a moment at Dettifoss waterfall last summer, where I stood alone and bewitched, listening to the wistful wails of this powerful waterfall. Forgot for a moment to cap- ture the ambiance, the light that fell so softly from the north. Closed my eyes for an instant to enjoy, feel and experience more intensely the magnificence in front of me.

This year, at the beginning of June, I wondered at the blue light of night, which snuck into the wide Breiðafjörður fjord, only to reappear somewhere else; simply sublime. So peaceful, as if nature itself were overwhelmed by the enchantment of the light from the north. Nowhere is it as spellbinding as on windswept Langanes point, where the midnight sun balances on the Arctic Circle to the tune of millions of birds in this endless vastness of winds.

Páll Stefánsson

Páll Stefansson

"My photography, a little bit like the wind, depends on which direction it’s blowing. Best of all, I like challenges, even small ones."

Based in Reykjavik, Iceland, Páll Stefánsson has been practicing photography for more than 35 years. His work appeared in many international publications, including TimeNational GeographicNewsweekGeoWSunday Times MagazineLeica Photography, and Observer Magazine, to name a few. 

Páll was awarded Photographer of the Year in Iceland, in February 2014, among numerous international and domestic photography awards. He joins Sony Global Imaging Ambassador as an Ambassador for Iceland.