From as long as I can remember I've had an obsession with fairness, balance and equality. This has evolved into an appreciation for symmetry. My background in law has meant that I have learned to get my perspective across in as simple and as clear a way as possible. My own sense of individuality makes me want to be innovative and provide a unique take on what I see and share that. I feel that people are able to connect visually without having to say a word.  People have widely different interpretations of the work that I produce. I encourage that and tend not to put captions when I post pieces. With my work I would like others to gain some insight into my perspective and ultimately see what I see.

Tobi ‘Tobishinobi’ Shonibare


"I have always shot with Sony’s mirrorless range of cameras. The small but powerful form factor means that I carry a camera with me everywhere and this is invaluable for the style of photography that I do."

Tobi tends to focus on geometry, symmetry and perspectives. He looks for beauty in the often gritty London streets and has an appreciation for the capital’s stunning architecture. Through this he has developed a unique style of street photography. His desire to push creative boundaries and an appreciation for fashion has lead to recent collaborations with brands such as Adidas, Audi, Coach, Microsoft and of course Sony.

Tobi has recently been experimenting with videography and other techniques to push himself creatively.  The A7R2 allows him to do this in stunning 4K and the play memories apps also help him to create to a new level. A resident of London, Tobi joins the Global Ambassador team representing Sony UK