Blog: Can one person make a difference?

Andrew Scriven's Arctic Journey

Network photographer Andrew Scriven shares some self-reflections from the road during his three week trip to Svalbard in August 2014.

Collectively, we are stronger than we may at first believe. Think about the products you are buying - where they are from and who is producing them. If we all stop buying a particular product, the manufacturer has to respond, or it will go out of business. So boycott companies involved in the drilling and commercial fishing. Sell your shares in companies involved in the drilling or who are behaving unethically. Take an interest.

Protest to your leaders.  If every one of us joins together in protest to the Government (imagine how effective a sixty-three million person march to Westminster would be, or a sixty-three million person petition), the government would have to respond. See as a starting point for a petition to sign. For those looking for a gathering to join, head to the world’s largest climate march taking place in New York this September, on the eve of Ban Ki Moon's climate summit. I, for one plan to be there.

Every one of us holds the power, although it may not feel like it. Keep going with recycling (it makes a difference!), cycle to work or catch a bus, use your own shopping bag. Consider reducing your consumption of meat and fish. If everyone makes an effort, things can and will change. 

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