Chris Schmid traveled to Masai Mara, the Kenyan national reserve known for its exceptional population of big cats, zebras, and other wildlife. It is named in honor of the Masai people and was converted to a game reserve in 1961. 

The reserve hosts approximately 3,000 elephants and 22 families of lions. Sadly, that famous wildlife population is not what it used to be. Today it loses 5 lions a day, 5 elephants an hour, and 1 rhino every 7 hours to poaching and it’s becoming an epidemic.

The Cheetah For Ever Foundation set up a 24/7 surveillance program to ensure the cheetahs’ safety as they face an uncertain future. They are losing their habitat to human encroachment and losing cubs to the lions and hyenas in competition with the cheetahs.

Chris set out to the Masai Mara to find out how Kenyans were protecting their natural environment for this series.