South Luangwa

South Luangwa is not as widely known as the likes of Kruger or Masai Mara, nor is it as accessible. Beginning as a game reserve in 1938, the South Luangwa National Park became an official national park in 1972 and now provides a 9,000km2 home for herds of elephants and Buffalo, Lions, Thornicroft Giraffe, Crawshay’s Zebra and the elusive majesty of the leopard.  

We wanted to spend as much time as possible with leopards and the best place on earth to find them is South Luangwa. I can almost guarantee that you will see leopard here. It has the highest concentration of leopards in Africa. The landscapes are also breathtaking; ranging from ebony forests to open plains punctuated only by the occasional baobab, to a number of oxbow lagoons, making it a dream destination for photography and filmmaking.