• Welcoming Cotton & Sisse from Sony Nordic


    We're thrilled to welcome Danish photographers Cotton Coulson & Sisse Brimberg to Sony's Global Imaging Ambassadors from Sony Nordic.

  • Malaysia Boleh?! Sanjit Das releases his first #FutureofCities Project


    Panos Pictures' Sanjit Das explores the massive changes taking place across Kuala Lumpur in his first #FutureofCities installment.

  • Guy Martin's "Some Like it Hot!"


    In the fourth #FutureofCities project, British photographer Guy Martin reveals an innovative way that cities are promoting people interacting with those who live around them. The Hot Tub Cinema that Guy highlights in Bristol, UK shows a creative solution to the modern problem of keeping eyes to glowing screens.

  • Carolyn Drake and the LA River


    American photographer Carolyn Drake took on the third project for the #FutureofCities campaign, in which she draws on the geographic symbol of Los Angeles - its river. For years, the river channel has been an industrial wasteland, but now billions of dollars will be spent in revitalizing this previously unused area.

  • Abbie Trayler-Smith and London Honey


    In our second #FutureofCities project, British photographer Abbie Trayler-Smith took a look at how London is trying to save the honeybees in an urban environment. Tucked between flats and towering offices, honeybees work away at their delicious creations. Abbie’s images draw attention to the honey bees’ connection to the survival of the human race as well as show an unexpected way of bringing innovation to the city of London.

  • Adam Dean and the Beijing Subway


    Nobody likes getting stuck in traffic, and no one enjoys being stuck in a cramped space with a myriad of fellow passengers. But in Beijing, this is a daily fact of life.

  • Sony Global Imaging Ambassadors launches #FutureofCities


    When seventy-five percent of our global population is projected to be living in cities by the middle of the century, what is the future of our cities? For the next nine months, Sony Global Imaging Ambassadors will be exploring cities around the world and the creative and innovative initiatives people are taking to improve the crowded places they call home.

  • Andrew Scriven in the Arctic


    Andrew Scriven set out to Svalbard this past summer for a three week adventure. Armed with a passport, a tent, and the hope to meet kind people along his journey, he headed out an uncharted adventure to capture the island's icy, mountainous landscapes and diverse wildlife.

  • Zackary Canepari's Tudo Bom?! Film


    Zackary Canepari brought us hundreds of images this summer from Brazil while the country hosted the World Cup, A Copa do Mundo. His series “Tudo Bom?!” documented Brazil and he was not disappointed by what he found.

  • Chris Schmid in Iceland


    If you’re looking for an expansive and diverse selection of photographs, look no further than the work of Swiss photographer Chris Schmid. From peaceful still lifes to photographs that look like the action may jump off the screen, Chris has a talent for using the latest technology to photograph wildlife, travel, and outdoor sports.