Andrew Scriven in the Arctic

30 August 2014

Andrew Scriven set out to Svalbard this past summer for a three week adventure. Armed with a passport, a tent, and the hope to meet kind people along his journey, he headed out an uncharted adventure to capture the island's icy, mountainous landscapes and diverse wildlife. 

In an attempt to reconnect people to the environment, Andrew's journey aimed to remind people of the land that needs protecting from human development. His images show the seemingly endless arctic and its solitude. 

In his blog posts, he shares with us insight into the culture of fear that is perpetuated by the media and plagues our lives. The idea is that there is always something to fear - from terrorism to the rise of energy and food prices.  The environment of fear prevents us believing that any individual can instigate change and save places like the arctic, but Andrew’s images work to show that people must not stay frozen in fear, but overcome it to do their part in saving these beautiful destinations.

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Andrew Scriven's Arctic Journey