Carolyn Drake and the LA River

27 October 2014

American photographer Carolyn Drake took on the third project for the #FutureofCities campaign, in which she draws on the geographic symbol of Los Angeles - its river.  For years, the river channel has been an industrial wasteland, but now billions of dollars will be spent in revitalizing this previously unused area. 

Carolyn’s images show the desolation of the river channel and the beginning of the process to make it a desirable destination. She spoke with residents of the area about the controversy facing the river revitalization and found the gentrification may have a detrimental impact on the working class communities who have lived by the river for generations. 

While Carolyn did not find much revitalization that had already occurred, the collective interest in its progress is vast. From green parks to starting kayak tours, these ideas will bring people to the channel that seems to be eerily empty on weekends. Carolyn’s images show us the potential the river is  on the verge of fulfilling.

Find out more about the LA river channel project here.

Carolyn Drake - LA River