Guy Martin's "Some Like it Hot!"

05 November 2014

In the fourth #FutureofCities project, British photographer Guy Martin reveals an innovative way that cities are promoting people interacting with those who live around them. The Hot Tub Cinema that Guy highlights in Bristol, UK shows a creative solution to the modern problem of keeping eyes to glowing screens. 

Currently Hot Tub Cinema hosts events in London and Bristol, where viewers book spaces in hot tubs to watch a movie on two large outdoor screens. Viewers are encouraged to wear hats, wigs or creative swimwear.

Guy’s photographs aim to explore the moments and relationships created at the events in the winter weather. He enjoyed the idea that a city could organize an event that brought strangers together in their swimming shorts in winter. 

Visit Guy’s #FutureofCities page to see the moments he captured and find out more about his engaging and eclectic experience following these Hot Tub movie-goers.

Guy Martin

Hear what Guy had to say about the shoot in his video here