Cristina Mittermeier on capturing the power of nature

29 April 2014

Director of Por el Planeta, the largest conservation and nature photography competition in the world, Cristina Mittermeier’s sat down with us to discuss the unprecedented power of images to show both the world’s beauty and its troubles.

If you could sum up your work in one word or one sentence, what would that be?
I want to make amazing images so that people take notice and start caring about our planet, the wildlife and the indigenous people with whom we share it.

What is the most remarkable person, place or thing you have ever photographed and why?
I recently photographed my life partner, Paul Nicklen, who is a photographer, adventurer, explorer, naturalist and passionate conservationist. He inspires me to create work that has deep meaning and carries a message of hope for our beautiful planet.

Talk to us about your bucket list... what is on the top of that list of things to photograph?
If I only had one year to live I would want to spend it traveling and having memorable experiences in nature.  I want to dive in the reefs of Raja Ampat, I want to swim with leopard seals in Antarctica, I want to sail alongside whales in the Gulf of California, I want to know that my images made a difference.

If you had not become a photographer, what might you be today?
I would still be a conservationist and a public speaker, maybe more focused on science.

Give us your thoughts about the Global Imaging Ambassadors program?
Supporting the work of passionate artists is one of the most valuable ways a global corporation can enhance its brand. 

What is your favorite Sony camera of the moment (explain why)?
I love the way the a7R feels in my hands and how easy it is to operate and handle. 

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