#SGIAfeature with Dondre Green

20 October 2017

Each week we feature a new photographer using Sony. Whether just starting out or long time enthusiasts, we want to discover those who dedicate themselves to the craft. Could you be our next feature? 

Dg 03 Sony A77
© Dondre Green. Shot on Sony a77

Hi Dondre, Can you tell us what equipment do you use?
For professional work, I shoot with my Sony A7RII and primarily with my 35 1.4 lens.

Dondre Green
© Dondre Green

Tell us about the process for the image above 
Me and the subject were walking when I had this idea to see him jump in front of this color block. His hat fell off mid-jump, so I when I was editing - I rotated the photo to create a falling perspective.

Do you pre-plan your photoshoots or are they more spontaneous?
All of my shoots have preparation behind them, whether figuring out location or creatively bouncing ideas via a moodboard. This allows me and the subject to create more smoothly knowing what we want the end goal to look like.

Dg 09 Sony A7rii
© Dondre Green. Shot on Sony a7RII

You work both with colour and Black and White imagery, is this decided in post-production, or do you shoot knowing the image will be colour or B&W?
I decide in post-production. Figuring which one of the two is usually spur of the moment.

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Disclaimer: You are welcome to send your work directly to us to feature, we will try our best to get back to you, however we cannot guarantee we will feature everyone’s work, nor can we respond to every entry sent in, so please only enter your work once.