#SGIAfeature with Julien Dzuidzia

07 November 2017

Hi Julien, can you tell us about about how you got into photography?
I actually got into photography by chance. While travelling the trans Siberian train in 2012 with my family, I realized my mom would almost not take any pictures with her newly bought camera. I decided to take it, experimented a bit, and started documenting our journey. It was all set and done, I came back from the trip, decided to take a couple of photography courses to learn the basics, and day after day, photography became more than just a hobby.
After a first solo trip to Iceland, which wasn't such a trendy destination at the time, I lived and felt something I had never experienced before... And photography became a true passion I would dedicate almost all my spare time, weekends, holidays, evenings, nights... With always the same objective: explore. The city I live in. The cities I visit, and most importantly to me, the landscapes I chase when travelling on holidays, and all that with the same spirit: I don't take a picture, I live it, my own way. Aiming to express the intangible and emotions I feel while on field.

Le louvre 1 an après

© Julien Dzuidzia. Shot on Sony a7R

Can you talk us through how you shot 'Brussels Henge Rush Hour?
I arrived from Paris in Brussels for a new job (yes, I'm not a professional photographer) in May 2016, and as I first drove through that area, I already thought this street had a very photogenic potential, especially through the compression effect of a telephoto lens. I started experimenting with this perspective, took some sunset and blue hour shots... But I wasn't satisfied yet. I then started thinking about having the sun perfectly aligned, phenomenon that happens twice a year in April and in September. This was in January 2017. I then simply planned the event, and prayed for clear weather on April 20th. And luckily enough, the first trial was the one. No clouds, perfect glowy atmosphere. And a few hours of editing later, the shot was finalized!

 Brussels henge rush hour

Brussels henge rush hour © Julien Dzuidzia. Shot on Sony a7R

How important do you think Social Media is to your photography?
Social media is key to me as it allows me to connect with many creatives around the world. It's obviously a tremendous source of inspiration by all means: new photography techniques, styles, compositions or visions, and places to visit. But most importantly, it's a way to connect. Apart from meeting the girl that shares my life & passion today and lots of friends, we always aim to connect with locals when visiting a new city. They are the ones who know the city, who feel it, and who will be able to let you experience it to the fullest from a photographic perspective.

Canyon Fjadrargljufur northern lights

© Julien Dzuidzia. Shot on Sony a7R

Who is your favourite ambassador?
With no doubt, Chris Burkard. I think I followed him through different social media platforms almost since I started. His way of life, his images, the way he constantly gets out of his comfort zone to create new concepts, new projects and new images are all a true inspiration. All that while he seems to remain a simple humble person. Not that I aspire to the same way of living, but his philosophy and approach to exploring nature shall be an example for all! Always pushing the limits of creativity, creating new boundaries, but always full of respect.

 Julien Dzuidzia

© Julien Dzuidzia. Shot on Sony a7R

ice cave vertical panorama

© Julien Dzuidzia. Shot on Sony a7R

What are you currently working on?
At this very moment? Marking and editing the hundreds of pictures I have made during my road trip in Iceland :D The upcoming months will more be dedicated to urban photography again, especially with a couple of trips planned to Dubai for NYE, and NYC in February for which I'm going to aim to connect with locals and scout some locations in advance as I won't have the opportunity to stay long.

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