Introducing Brian Sokol and 'Robocops'

21 January 2015

Panos Pictures' Brian Sokol joins our global program today with the release of his #FutureofCities project, 'Robocops'.

In a city of 10 million, traffic in Kinshasa, DR Congo has become an increasing problem with infrastructure improvements lagging far behind and increasing numbers of drivers hitting the grid-locked streets. The city authorities, mindful of the lack of public faith in the police and keen to employ new technology, have come up with a creative solution to the congestion problem. 

Aiming to successfully cope with the city's booming population, Kinshasa's city government invested in 8-foot-tall robots that look part robot, part cartoon character to direct and record city traffic. And they're working. Cities across Africa are interested in replicating the metal contraptions that have revolutionized traffic management.

Brian brings us a deeper look at the streets of Kinshasa in his first project for Sony Global Imaging Ambassadors.

Take a look!