Introducing our UK Ambassadors

12 January 2015

This week, we're excited to announce the introduction of our Sony UK ambassadors:

Joe Cornish

Adventurous and experimental in technique, Joe is a traditionalist and an advocate when it comes to his craft. Fascinated by the inter-relationships of everything in nature, his landscape images suggest a living force in everything he sees - be it organic, geological, elemental or man-made.

Gavin Evans

Gavin Evans is renowned for his contemporary and unflinching take on photography. His personal work pushes boundaries, whether shooting India in the dead of night in his acclaimed series ‘Nightscapes’ or working with slum dwellers for his ongoing ‘touch’ project. 

Dominic Fraser

Captivated by cars and cameras from an early age, Dominic Fraser combines his love of the two through automotive photography.

Michael Wayne Plant

Michael Wayne Plant's imagery explores the social landscape created by contemporary capitalism.  His photography asks viewers why we are living the way we are at this moment in time. Through both street photography and social documentary, he engages with the social issues we experience daily.

Nick Webster

Photography has long been a passion of our new UK ambassador Nick Webster, whether he's working on a professional commission to create an Art Director's original vision, or on a personal level striving to make the impossible, possible. Nick brings a dynamic and fresh take to our global program.

Andrew Scriven

Our last UK country ambassador needs no introduction. Andrew Scriven has traveled to every corner of the globe, and over the past six months, you've already seen imagery from many of these exciting destinations. He now joins his fellow UK photographers as a strong brand advocate.