Nepal Fundraising

01 May 2015

Brian Sokol, Panos Pictures, the World Photography Organisation and theprintspace partner to raise funds for the reconstruction of Nepal following the deadly earthquake of 25 April.

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We will be donating all profits from print sales in support of this fundraiser for the victims of the Nepal earthquake. All fine art archival prints will be produced by theprintspace, official print partner of this year’s Sony World Photography Awards.

A message from Brian Sokol:

The Earthquake Last Saturday

On Saturday 25 April, four minutes before noon, the ground beneath the feet of millions of Nepalis began to shake violently. It was a beautiful spring day in Kathmandu, vegetable sellers were crouching at their stalls in the crowded squares, hawking their wares as tourists wandered wide-eyed gazing at the tiered pagoda temples reaching toward the cloudless sky. Suddenly these temples, UNESCO World Heritage sites and magnets for millions of tourists, disintegrated turning into cascades of splintered timber and broken bricks. In a mere 40 seconds, thousands of lives ended prematurely under collapsed buildings and hundreds of years of history vanished in a cloud of dust.

Less than a week after the quake, the rescue operation continues and small miracles continue to happen - another dusty, thirsty survivor pulled from the wreckage. Anyone who hasn't been found by now, however, is unlikely to still be alive.

Tens of thousands of families have been shattered like the timbers of the ancient temples. Millions of people have been left wondering why they survived when so many others didn't. There isn't much we can do for the dead, but we can try and help those who have lost everything to rebuild their lives. And we can give to rebuild the numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites that were destroyed. Some of the very monuments which lie in ruins now were photographed just weeks ago for the my photo series

My name is Brian Sokol, I'm a photographer and I have lived and worked in Nepal for nearly 20 years. I'm partnering with the World Photography Organisation and The Printspace to raise funds for earthquake relief for my adopted home of Nepal. By purchasing a print or a postcard, 100% of proceeds will go towards offering life-saving medical support to Nepali people and reconstructing the shattered heritage sites of the Kathmandu Valley.

Médecins sans Frontières (MSF/Doctors Without Borders) is the preeminent humanitarian medical organisation in the world. Half of the proceeds of any print sales will go toward funding their work saving lives in Nepal. The other half will be donated to the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust (KVPT) which is currently in the process of excavating, protecting, and rebuilding the artefacts and architecture lost in the earthquake. KVPT will be working with UNESCO to restore these temples and monuments in the months ahead.

Thank you for your generous support,


All proceeds of the print sale will go to Brian’s chosen charities, or you can also visit other organisations for direct donations and more information.

Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust:

KVPT donation fundraiser page:

MSF/ Doctors Without Borders:

NOTE: MSF isn't yet taking Nepal-specific donations until they know the scale of need and have a targeted response plan. Donations at this point would go into centralized MSF funding pools.