#SGIAfeature with Matt Popple

25 October 2017

Each week we feature a new photographer using Sony. Whether just starting out or long time enthusiasts, we want to discover those who dedicate themselves to the craft. Could you be our next feature? 
This weeks #SGIAfeature is from British photographer Matt Popple

What first drew you to photography?
I have loved photography from a very young age. In fact, I remember taking the old disposable film cameras you could buy from any Chemist when travelling during my school years and trying to capture the scene in front of me on the old Skiing trips or the Rugby tour in Canada (I remember a shot of the CN tower I took was a favourite on my pin board for many a year). I found photography to be, a very personal experience as no one else knew or could understand what my intent or thoughts were when I took a photo. It helped separate me from the scene and truly appreciate what was in front of me. I never did manage to recreate the scene in front of me onto print though, and that is something that will always haunt me…I wish I knew then, what I know now in terms of Photography….let alone have my Camera to hand. However, as time went on, someone invented Social Media and the Smart Phone…photography changed and I guess they way I viewed it changed with it. My view had to change to remain relevant I suppose.

Drama © Matt Popple. Shot on Sony a7II

What equipment do you mostly use?
I have had a whole bunch of Sony Camera’s to date. I started off with a regular Sony RX Point and Shoot…then moved to the Sony A7r as I love the odd landscape as I mentioned before. Then came the ‘I want to be a professional wedding photographer phase’ that I think we all go through at some stage, so I decided to move to the Sony A7II due to the fast hybrid AF system. I loved them all, but they don’t compare to the quality or the versatility my Sony RX10 III offers me. This is now my system of choice and it is incredible. A 24-600mm Zeiss lens in one body….there isn’t a shot you cannot make with this thing!

So how did you move on from the ‘Wedding Photographer phase’?
In terms of moving on from being a wedding photographer. I realised that's not where my passion for the art originated and that's not really what gave me joy. I had thoroughly enjoyed the ones that I had done, but by delving into that murky world where competition is fierce and quite frankly saturated, it's not where I ever wanted to be. It was a case of going back to my roots, which is a beautiful cliché, but accurate in this situation. Photography was about me, my moment and my interpretation of the scene before me.

Stone © Matt Popple. Shot on Sony a7II

Who is your favourite ambassador?
I particularly enjoy the work of
Joe Cornish. His landscapes are exceptional and remind me of why I have always loved this art in the first place. His travels around the UK and his use of light are exceptional and his ethos for photography, in that it ‘deepens how we see the world’ again harks back to me standing on the balcony admiring the Alps, drinking it all in. Beautiful.

Tow © Matt Popple. Shot on Sony a7II

What inspires you to take images?
This changes from time to time I think. Sometimes it will be a particular photograph I see on Social Media (that is not an Instagram Cliche), or a book I have read for example….or even a scene in a film that may give me that urge to go and photograph something. Alternatively, it could be a developing scene on a walk with my wife through a National Trust park or simply the sky dancing with incredible colours. Bottom line, it varies constantly and again, that is why I think the RX10 system gives me the flexibility I need to go out there, wherever ‘there’ is and take some photographs. Ultimately, it is about seizing the opportunity to take photographs, whenever the opportunity presents itself and to keep doing it, until you manage to take a good one (eventually. maybe!). Photography is something I absolutely adore and will be for the rest of my life. Hopefully I can continue to improve my skills, see more of the world and capture my own private moments with it.

Ad Astra
Ad Astra © Matt Popple. Shot on Sony a7II 

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