Tudo Bom?! - Zackary Canepari launches 4-week Brazil Road Trip

13 June 2014

Zackary Canepari, one of our original Global Ambassadors and member of Panos Pictures, begins his 4-week road trip across Brazil. Hosting the mother of all sporting events, the World Cup, Brazil is a country on the move. And with the Olmpics next in line, this is the beginning of Brazil's global moment.

Beginning June 13th, Zackary's trip will span the entire country - from São Paulo to Rio, Belo Horizante to Salvador. Natal, Recife, Fortaleza, and back to Rio for the final match. Going beyond the World Cup in itself, Zack sets out to document a place and its people amidst the energy of a country on the move.

Follow Zack daily here, and look out for him on Twitter and Instagram with #bomtudobom