William Klein's Brooklyn now published by Contrasto

17 June 2014

William Klein's Brooklyn project is now available to purchase in a beautifully printed photobook by Italian publisher Contrasto.

Brooklyn represents a voyage of rediscovery for photography veteran William Klein. Sixty years after his work "Life is Good and Good for You in New York", Brooklyn sees Klein approaching his native New York through fresh eyes. In the production of these images, the passage of time has not only granted him with a new perspective, but also new imaging technology to adapt to in his first ever exclusively digital project. Speaking of the experience, Klein described how "the camera has been a partner, rather than a burden. And the quality of the photos have proven to be an unexpected revelation."

The resulting publication features 116 pages of Klein's colorful and unabashed images that pop and fizzle with the photographer's trademark unrelenting energy. In Brooklyn, Klein manages to convey the sense of a loud and vibrant location; full of neon signs, gurning advertisements and statuesque carnival girls; while also sneaking in more tender glimpses of the area's massively varied inhabitants.

Please visit William's Image Ambassador profile page for more information on the project and Contrasto's website to purchase the book