Zackary Canepari's Tudo Bom?! Film

12 August 2014

Zackary Canepari brought us hundreds of images this summer from Brazil while the country hosted the World Cup, A Copa do Mundo. His series “Tudo Bom?!” documented Brazil and he was not disappointed by what he found. 

He traveled for a month from the south to the north of Brazil and then back to Rio for the final match. There were 10,000km of driving, 10 football matches, 25 beaches, 4 protests, and 1 intense final match. The project may have focused on the World Cup, but Zack found the real story was about the place and its people. He worked to capture the energy of a country on the move.

Tudo Bom?!

See his film about what he found during his project here.

Visit Zack's profile to see the gallery and to find out more about his trip to Brazil.